Skype Avatars

We use Skype a lot. We really like it and it does an excellent job for us. Over time we have created various avatars from our characters to use with Skype as our pictures. (Look in 'File' ... 'Edit My Profile' if you are unsure what to do.)

If you want to use any of these avatars for your own use, then feel free to download them. Please just remember two things:

(1) These are for non-commercial use only - we are not charging you for them or making money out of them so you cannot charge anyone or try to make money out of them.

(2) Do not change the names of the downloaded image(s). We will be adding to this collection constantly and would like people to be able to search and find them quickly and easily.


Right click and 'Save as...'

SlideSkype Bike

SlideSkype Plant

SlideSkype Surf2

SlideSkype Jeep2

SlideSkype Ski

Right click and 'Save as...'

SlideSkype Fish

SlideSkype Catch

SlideSkype Hike

SlideSkype Surf

SlideSkype Jeep

SlideSkype Ski2

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