A range of products, both generally available and specialist bespoke solutions are manufactured by Slidetite(r). Below are some examples of our most popular product ideas. If you have any questions - or even suggestions for other applications - please feel free to get in touch with us.

The Hook

A large, strong 25mm hook for use in most situations where you need to grab onto an existing anchor point. For example: on roof-racks, trailers, shelves, etc.

The Binder

Two Slidetite(r) devices back to back. For use wherever you need to wrap rope / bungee around anything. For example: camping gear, rolls of carpet, barbeque covers, etc.

The Plate

Use it to provide a permanent anchor point. Either screw or glue the plate to any surface and hold stuff in place. For example: in the back of a pickup, along the walls in a shed, on the floor of a caravan.

The Clipper

Ideal for tents, awnings, pet cages and cargo nets. The Clipper combines a SlideTite(tm) device with a heavy duty clip. A simple yet effective product allowing you to attach to any peg, bar, net or metal grid up to 8mm in diameter.

Click here to see some of the ways in which Slidetite products are being used. We didn't think of most of them when we invented the things !!

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