Op deze pagina kun je lezen over de laatste ontwikkelingen, nieuwe ideeŽn, nieuwe producten en interessante (relevante) verhalen.


August 2006

The Citizen gave some good coverage of another of our export award entries.

Its really great when newspapers cover stories like this because UK manufacturing companies make products which other countries - all over the world - see as being high quality and desirable. And this is something to be proud of !

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July 2006

We have launched a safety campaign to coincide with the summer holiday period in UK and Europe.

It is called "Hold it Right" to keep in with the overall approach of SlideTite.

The reason for the campaign goes back to the original causes of why Pete invented SlideTite. He had a near miss with an old style bungee cord (the one with the metal hooks on the ends) which narrowly missed his eye when it came loose on a roof rack.

He thought "there has to be a better way" and the process began which eventually led to SlideTite.

June 2006

We were "highly commended" in the Smart Thursday Export awards. Didn't win but still great to have been nominated and even better to have made it to the last four.


We are entered in another export award competition. The results are scheduled to be announced later in the year - October time.

More details will be posted once the results are known.

May 2006

We have been invited for interview on BBC Radio Gloucestershire.

Report on the right ->

Another interview for Pete - this time with Anna King during the business slot on her evening show. Done by telephone it was very neatly done and Anna did an excellent job of explaining the product and questioning Pete. The most impressive thing was the way she didn't let Pete get carried away - like he usually does when someone asks him to talk about Slidetite :-)

May 2006

There are two prize draws for SlideTite products this month - one in 'Caravan' and one in 'Motor Caravan'. We're getting quite popular in caravan and motorhome circles nowadays!

For their websites click here Caravan or here Motor Caravan.

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April 2006

We have been invited for an interview on Central News. It's very exciting ... check back soon for more ... the report is on the right now ->

Well we went over to the studios. Pete was interviewed by John Wallens on the Saturday evening news show. It was a fascinating experience. Unfortunately Pete and one of the cameramen got into a conversation about how Slidetite could be used during filming ... it is never good when Pete gets new ideas !!!

December 2005

Our local paper - The Forester gave us a very nice write-up.

Go to the Forester website here.

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November 2005

We are very pleased to be able to announce that the British Antarctic Survey has just purchased SlideTite™ Hooks, Plates and Binders.

We hope to have reports on how they stood up to some of the most arduous conditions on Earth early in autumn 2006.

For now we just wish we could
go and visit them !!

Go to the British Antarctic Survey website here.

October 2005

The guys at Advanced Vehicle Accessories in Australia decided to see just how far they could push some Hooks ...


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August 2005

The people at Classic Cars for Sale clearly found the hooks useful ...

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July 2005

Angler's Mail have had some SlideTite™ Hooks and bungee on test. They liked them so much they gave us the "Great Gizmo" award.

July 2005

The Sunday Times have also had some Hooks on test. They seemed to like them as well!

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May 2005
We produce a pack of SlideTite™ Hooks + bungee especially for Lakeland Ltd. The first batch sold out inside two weeks and the catalogue hadn't even come out - this was all through the Lakeland shops!


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