Hooks, Binders and Plates can be used in hundreds of places all over caravans, motorhomes and trailers.

SlideTite™ Binders will hold covers on caravans or motorhomes of all sizes regardless of weather conditions. Best of all when you come to take them off there are no knots to struggle with ... which are now too tight or too wet to undo !!

When travelling SlideTite™ products are quick and easy to use but they always hold things just tight enough - never too tight.

Also there are no sharp edges or hard metal parts to damage expensive equipment.

A lot of our customers use SlideTite™ products for conventional things covers, etc. but below are a couple of really nice new ideas. Do you have any more ?  

These people were fed up with the oven doors clattering as they travelled ... two hooks and one length of bungee later. No more noise!

NOTE ...If you do this be careful - remember that the hooks are strong - do not put too much pressure on the handles or glass top of the cooker.

Oven doors being held  
And another idea ... simple washing line in the cab of a motorhome once you realise SlideTite™ hooks fit over the handles above the doors. PLUS there's no risk of damage to the handles.
Washing line
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