We regularly use our own set of hooks and bungee to fasten canoes, kayaks, PFD's and paddles to the roof rack on the Land Rover. With five, or more, adults and children inside the vehicle getting all the kit securely on the roof quickly is essential - especially in the rain !

On roof rack
Tied down - detail

The hooks clip onto the roof rack easily and the bungee then just pulls over the top and slots into the hook.

This means we don't have to clamber around on the roof rack as much as we used to have to while tying things down. It gets slippy on the metal when you have wet feet :-)


One of the handiest things we've found is that you can pass the bungee (without a hook on the end) through loops on the the PFD's and then pass it through a hook and fasten the whole lot down.

Also because the length of the bungee is easy to adjust in the hooks you can wind it around the paddles and tighten them in place.

PFD's and paddles tied down

We have also found that using SlideTite Binders to hold two sit-on-top style kayaks together works very well.

Pass a length of bungee through the drain holes; put a Binder on the end; and tighten it up. Ready to go.

It keeps the two kayaks in place very neatly.

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