'Thanks ever so much for the kit, it appears excellent quality and I can't believe how strong the hooks are!! The design also means the more strain placed on it the tighter the hook holds the bungee, very clever!!' (A satisfied SlideTite™ hook user)
Use a pair of hooks plus a length of bungee (or rope) as shown here to hold down loads like a traditional bungee strap. But with the advantages of a large 25mm square plastic hook and the ability to adjust the overall length of the strap at will.  
By using more than two hooks on a length of rope (or bungee) locking down large loads becomes an easy job for one person. The rope is locked into each hook in turn so you don't have to keep going back and forwards tightening it up. Here four hooks have been used to tie down a stack of boxes.
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The hook also works on a wall just as easily.

Fasten a screw into a wall leaving about 8mm sticking out. A SlideTite™ hook will then slot down over it. Then hang whatever you like from it. (Within reason!) Here we are using one in the workshop to hang up various bits of kit.


SlideTite products can be used in a vast number of places, for hobbies, passtimes, in business, etc. Here are just a few examples:

In caravans and motorhomes
With canoes and kayaks
By Mountain Rescue teams
To hold tarpaulins down
By Medical rescue teams
Over a beam to hang things up

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